Eaton Tech Day

By first time Eaton Tech Day was made in Colombia. It took place in the Hotel Marriot of Bogotá on August 5th. Its objective was to gather in the same place the main electric, hydraulic and mechanic solutions. There were 470 people including Colombian industry members, consultants, designers, Andean region and Colombian distribution channels, academy, social media, global leaders and the major industry segments of Eaton. Also there were more than 50 members of the company around the world.

Craig Arnold, vice chairman and chief operating officer – Industrial Sector, Joao Faria, vice chairman for Latin America and Francis Kusznir, communication manager for Latin America, were the ones that opened the event sharing with attendees Eaton´s vision for the future.

The event consisted in strategic meetings during all the day, where local and global topics were treated by different specialists of Eaton. Global conferences were directed by leaders such as Gardinder Henderson, Global Oil&Gas Director, Philip Fischer, Segment Director Electrical Group, and Simon Meester, Global Mining Director. Conferences had great participation and meted segment expectations with different solutions and approaches.

Also there were important meetings with Kevin Whitaker, EE.UU. ambassador in Colombia, that attended strategic customers and recognized social media.

With events like this one Eaton showed partners and costumers the main solutions for all electric, hydraulic and mechanic system. He also showed the commitment they have in order to incorporate advanced technology for the main segments market in the industry.